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Rev up your brand's growth potential with tailored marketing and communication consultancy, crafted specifically for the fast lane of the industry. With over 16 years of industry experience, I'm here to accelerate your brand's growth, navigate the twists and turns of market strategy, and steer you towards victory in big pitches.

In the dynamic world of mobility, effective marketing and communication can make all the difference. From established manufacturers to innovative startups, I specialize in fine-tuning your brand's voice to resonate with car enthusiasts, tech-savvy consumers, and everyone in between. Together, we'll transform features into captivating stories and specifications into compelling narratives that drive engagement and loyalty.

Entering the automotive market requires a strategic roadmap. Let me be your navigator, helping you chart the most efficient course for success. From crafting unique market entry strategies to showcasing your brand's innovation, I'm committed to ensuring your business gains traction and accelerates towards prominence.

The automotive industry is no stranger to high-stakes pitches, and I'm here to be your pit crew. With precision and expertise, I'll help you prepare for those monumental moments, ensuring you hit every note and make an unforgettable impression. Whether it's presenting groundbreaking technology or unveiling the latest vehicle model, your pitch will radiate confidence and captivate your audience.

Join me on this thrilling ride where automotive expertise meets strategic brilliance. Let's shift gears, harness the power of innovative communication, and drive your brand towards a future of success in the fast-paced world of automobiles and new mobility concepts. Welcome to a consultancy that understands the unique pulse of the automotive realm and is dedicated to pushing your brand into the pole position.


My name is Marc. I am an experienced Client Director with a proven track record in helping clients across the Automotive industry to grow their brands. A strong international focus with clients in over 25 markets across Asia and Europe, consulting on practice areas such as Consumer Behaviour and Customer Insights, Market Entry, Marketing Strategy or Brand-/Advertising Research.

As founder of 23marcon in 2023 I am now able to offer my service and expertise exclusively to selected clients within the mobility sector, allowing me to focus fully on your brand and my passion industry.




Bridging the world of mobility providers, automotive industry, agencies and consumers

New Market Entry

Guiding businesses through the complexities of entering the automotive market. From in-depth market analysis to tailored entry strategies, I am here to help you navigate challenges and seize opportunities. Make confident strides into new markets, ensuring a strong foundation for growth.
My network into the automotive industry gives your brand direct market access and a head start.

Brand Development

Assist automotive companies in defining their brand identity, values, and unique selling propositions. Craft messaging that resonates with their target audience and differentiates them from competitors.
Challenge existing KPI systems. Finding the insight nuggets and make them accessible to stakeholders across the organization with clever storytelling and actionable visualizations.

Marketing Communication

Let over 15 years consultancy experience in automotive advertising help you elevate your brands marketing communication activities. Matching strategic insights and creative excellence to ensure your message resonates and captivates your target audience. Let me be your sparring partner in achieving unparalleled success in the ever-evolving landscape of automotive advertising.




Big Pitch Management

Master big pitches by tailoring your narrative to the audience, emphasizing a clear value proposition, using compelling visuals, engaging delivery techniques, addressing objections, and committing to continuous improvement. From rfq to delivery, development, sparring and execution.
Supporting OEMs, agencies or new businesses alike to find the right partner and win big. 

Interested to partner up and accelerate your brand growth? 

Let's connect for a business lunch, coffee chat or a relaxed round of Golf. 
Looking forward to meet you in Germany, UAE or any other place.


Frankfurt am Main (Germany) / Dubai (UAE)

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